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Galley Food Safety Catering Services

The “Galley” is the most important part of a sea-going vessel. It is the place where nutritious meals are prepared for the hard-working ship’s crew. Based on the size of the ship, the Galley would be preparing food from 10 to up to few thousands, on large cruise liners, on a day. The Galley, being the heart of the social fabric, needs to be ensured that the layout, appliances, and safety equipment. These are perfectly aligned to the grueling chores in hand.

A safe, nutritious, and low-fat food provides the seafarers with adequate energy to perform their duties, protect their health and fight any fatigue symptoms. On the other side, if the standard hygiene practices are not handled properly onboard, food can be a major cause of diseases and foodborne outbreaks. Handling the Food Safely is of prime importance within the prevention of food-related problems onboard ships. To begin with, the sourcing of wholesome, healthy, and hygienic raw food items is very important to achieve the required food safety standards.

Galleys, food storerooms, and dining rooms are subject to MLC inspections to ensure seafarer’s health, safety, and welfare is well-taken care of. Hence, it is of prime importance that they are kept in shipshape condition to avoid any food-borne diseases, which can put vessels and crew in danger.

The following are the main risks to food safety in the galley, and service areas:

  • Biological hazards: (bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts, or parasites)
These organisms are commonly related to humans and raw products entering food preparation sites. Therefore, the cooking temperature of food, storage temperature & time, and awareness and execution of hygienic practices by food handlers onboard ships play a very important role in food safety.
  • Chemical hazards (e.g., cleaning agents)
Chemical contamination of food may occur unintentionally either during procurement or during food processing. It is important to identify and eliminate the dangers that lurk in every corner. Scorpio Marine makes sure that the food combinations offer all macro and micro-nutrients as per World Health Organization’s recommended nutrient intakes. This helps the seafarers to avoid any deficiency and to be healthy while on board.

Supplying healthy, wholesome, and safe meals on a controlled budget might be hard to achieve, however, SMS’s procurement resources help to provide balanced meals with high-quality ingredients for the crew from day one. Scorpio Marine specializes in supplying high-quality and safe provisions to all types of vessels around the globe (600 ports in 85 countries). Most of our clients are from Greece, Singapore, Norway, South Korea, Germany, UK, Denmark, India, Dubai, Netherlands

For more information on Scorpio Marine galley food safety Catering services, contact scorpiomarine@layikainfrastructure.com

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