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Oceans Gourmet Culinary Training Center

This Center of Excellence was formed to create a professional approach to Catering solutions. The core team comes with expertise and experience in Hospitality, an industry well known for high standards of standardization.

The Marine Culinary Training Center undertakes …

Design and deliver comprehensive training programs guaranteed to meet client’s requirements.

Up-skilling these students through focused in-house training and certification programs like menu planning, stock management, Hygiene practices, HACCP, etc. to suit Marine industry requirements.

Recruitment of skilled students from reputed Hotel Management &
Catering schools.

Carrying out regular induction programs to refresh them before sending them onboard, fully equipped to serve nutritious and delicious dishes to your crew.

Our Courses Includes

Food Safety and Hygiene Certifications

Kitchen Equipment Management

Menu Planning & Special Diets

Stock Rotation and Management


Multi-Cuisine Cooking

Hygiene Practices

Food Indents & Cost Management

HACCP Certifications

Food & Beverage Service

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