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Best Ways To Reducing Wastage Of Food
Reducing Wastage Of Food Why it is so Important to Reduce Food Waste? When we waste food, we also waste...
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Good Inventory Practices
Good Inventory Practices Having an efficient Inventory process is very important to plan a healthy menu...
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Prevention Of Food Poisoning
Prevention Of Food Poisoning!!! Drawing attention to the recent unfortunate mass food poisoning onboard...
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International Chef Day – Photo & Video contest – 2021
We are  thrilled  to announce  the winners  of the second edition of our “International Chef Day” contest. The...
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Menu planning
Menu planning is the pivot of the food preparation operations in the marine industry. It is an advance...
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Importance of Food Safety And Hygiene In Ship’s Galley
Oceans Gourmet, in collaboration with leading ship manager, Synergy Marine Group, organized a first of...
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International Dessert Day
Galley Food Safety Catering Services The “Galley” is the most important part of a sea-going vessel....
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