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Ship Provisions Supply

Oceans Gourmet is committed to the supply of a high-quality range of freshly procured vegetables, fruits, frozen meat, and dry provisions. The catering purchase team has a strong network of suppliers to deliver the entire range of provisions to the fullest satisfaction of our ship owners and ship managers. Our current network has a global reach with over 600 ports in 85 countries and can provide end-to-end solutions. We can cater to all types of marine cargo vessels, Cruise ships, and offshore installations. We strictly follow all applicable standards, and hygiene guidelines at all levels throughout the supply chain. Frozen and chilled products are loaded from a conveniently located cold room warehouse and delivered directly to the vessels without breaking the cold supply chain.

Our support shore office is well equipped with trained staff operating on the latest software platform to seamlessly monitor the entire supply chain management. The team, available round the clock, initiates communication with vessels and suppliers and follows up for closure.  We currently have over 600 vessels under the provisions management umbrella and this large turnover gives us the advantage of better price negotiations and rate contracts. 

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