Purchase Portal

Our global operation is further enhanced with the use of a dynamic solution platform which is working round the clock to cater to the wide spread location of our vessels and vendors.
This state of the art portal has inbuilt AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) features to constantly cater to all stakeholders in a more efficient and innovative way. All the day to day transactions between your vessel, supply vendors and the base office are done through this portal, to capture important information at one point. The portal initiates the next step automatically, thereby eliminating the delay time and dependency on our manual intervention.

Feature highlights…

  • Dynamic price suggestions in alternative ports to plan purchases
  • Less time spent by the Ships master and owners Fully effective chat box for instant communication
  • Auto fill purchases items field on click of a button,
  • Every item accompanied with a picture to help in ordering the correct item
  • Ready made order templates for different crew nationalities (very handy for takeovers, yard deliveries),
  • A large vendor network to plan great purchase deals
  • ROB (stock remaining onboard) and predictive victualling rate based on consumption trends
  • Predicting sustainability (number of days a vessel can continue before the next replenishment),
  • Very user friendly; anyone with a little computer skill can easily operate the features.

Standard Features

  • Low Stock Alarm.
  • Consumption trends — by item and category
  • Menu suggestions & recipe book from expert chefs
  • Food safety alerts and guidance
  • Order tracking on finger tips